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Koios gRest Changelog⚓︎


  • Modify script to rely on commit hash instead of POSIX timestamps, and performance bump. #1428


  • First Production release for Koios gRest


Changes for API⚓︎

Data Output Changes⚓︎

  • Improve: Add epoch_no, block_no to /address_txs, /credential_txs and /asset_txs endpoints. #1409
  • Fix: Remove redundant policy_info for /asset_txs, returning transactions as an array - allows for leveraging native PostgREST filtering. #1409
  • Fix: Pool Metadata sorting was incorrect for /pool_info. #1414

Input Parameter Changes⚓︎

  • None

Changes for Instance Providers⚓︎


  • Add versioning. When running against a branch/tag, it will now populate the version information on control table, the health checks will be able to use this versioning for downstream connections. #1403


  • Delete token token-registry folder when running with -r (reset flag), as the delta registry records to insert depends on file (POSIX) timestamps. #1410
  • Remove duplicate tip check in

[1.0.0-rc0] - 2022-04-29⚓︎

  • Initial Release Candidate for Koios gRest API layer with 43 endpoints to query the chain.