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💡 Docker containers are the fastest way to run a Cardano node in both "Relay" and "Block-Producing" (Pool) mode.

For easy of use and maintenance we adopted a 3 stage building strategy.

Each stage derives from a specific phase of the building strategy:

  • stage1 → is the first stage of the builds and the only thing it does is to prepare the compiling environment.
  • stage2 → at this stage the Cardano source code is downloaded and compiled on top of the stage1.
  • stage3 → Here is where we copy over a new debian-slim image the results of the compiled software (binaries and libs) including the guild's scripts and tools.

How to build⚓︎

You can chose to just start building from the stage3 (or a custom stage3 dockerfile) or build all 3 stages from scratch.

Instead of specifying a context, you can pass a single Dockerfile in the URL or pipe the file in via STDIN. Pipe the chosen Dockerfile (i.e. dockerfile_stage3) from STDIN:

  • Building the Stage1
docker build -t cardanocommunity/cardano-node:stage1 - < dockerfile_stage1
  • Building the Stage2
docker build -t cardanocommunity/cardano-node:stage2 - < dockerfile_stage2    
  • Building the Stage3
docker build -t cardanocommunity/cardano-node:stage3 - < dockerfile_stage3 

For Windows Users⚓︎

With Powershell on Windows, you can run docker by typing the following command:

Get-Content dockerfile_stage3  | docker build -t guild-operators/cardano-node:latest -

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