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The architecture for various components are already described at by CF/IOHK. We will not reinvent the wheel 😄


Reminder !!

You're expected to run the commands below from same session, using same working directories as indicated and using a non-root user with sudo access. You are expected to be familiar with this as part of pre-requisite skill sets for stake pool operators.

Set up OS packages, folder structure and fetch files from repo⚓︎

The pre-requisites for Linux systems are automated to be executed as a single script. To download the pre-requisites scripts, execute the below:

mkdir "$HOME/tmp";cd "$HOME/tmp"
# Install curl
# CentOS / RedHat - sudo dnf -y install curl
# Ubuntu / Debian - sudo apt -y install curl
curl -sS -o
chmod 755

Please familiarise with the syntax of before proceeding. The usage syntax can be checked using ./ -h , sample output below:

Usage: [-f] [-s] [-i] [-l] [-c] [-w] [-p] [-b <branch>] [-n <mainnet|testnet|guild|staging>] [-t <name>] [-m <seconds>]
Install pre-requisites for building cardano-node and using CNTools

-f    Force overwrite of all files including normally saved user config sections in env, and
      topology.json, config.json and genesis files normally saved will also be overwritten
-s    Skip installing OS level dependencies (Default: will check and install any missing OS level prerequisites)
-n    Connect to specified network instead of mainnet network (Default: connect to cardano mainnet network)
      eg: -n testnet
-t    Alternate name for top level folder, non alpha-numeric chars will be replaced with underscore (Default: cnode)
-m    Maximum time in seconds that you allow the file download operation to take before aborting (Default: 60s)
-l    Use system libsodium instead of IOG fork (Default: use libsodium from IOG fork)
-c    Install/Upgrade and build CNCLI with RUST
-w    Install/Upgrade Vacuumlabs cardano-hw-cli for hardware wallet support
-p    Install/Upgrade PostgREST binary to query postgres DB as a service
-b    Use alternate branch of scripts to download - only recommended for testing/development (Default: master)
-i    Interactive mode (Default: silent mode)

Running without any parameters will run script in silent mode with OS Dependencies, install libsodium fork from IOG, and NOT force overwrite of all files (only static files will be overwritten, which should not contain user modifications):

. "${HOME}/.bashrc"
Folder structure⚓︎

Running the script above will create the folder structure as per below, for your reference. You can replace the top level folder /opt/cardano/cnode by editing the value of CNODE_HOME in ~/.bashrc and $CNODE_HOME/files/env files:

/opt/cardano/cnode            # Top-Level Folder
├── ...
├── files                     # Config, genesis and topology files
│   ├── ...
│   ├── byron-genesis.json    # Byron Genesis file referenced in config.json
│   ├── shelley-genesis.json  # Genesis file referenced in config.json
│   ├── alonzo-genesis.json    # Alonzo Genesis file referenced in config.json
│   ├── config.json           # Config file used by cardano-node
│   └── topology.json         # Map of chain for cardano-node to boot from
├── db                        # DB Store for cardano-node
├── guild-db                  # DB Store for guild-specific tools and additions (eg: cncli, cardano-db-sync's schema)
├── logs                      # Logs for cardano-node
├── priv                      # Folder to store your keys (permission: 600)
├── scripts                   # Scripts to start and interact with cardano-node
└── sockets                   # Socket files created by cardano-node