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Offchain Metadata Tools


  • An average pool operator may not require offline-metadata-tools at all. Please verify if it is required for your use as mentioned here
  • Ensure the Pre-Requisites are in place before you proceed.

In the Cardano multi-asset era, this project helps you create and submit metadata describing your assets, storing them off-chain.

Download pre-built binaries⚓︎

Go to input-output-hk/offchain-metadata-tools to download the binaries and place in a directory specified by PATH, e.g. $HOME/.local/bin/.

Build Instructions⚓︎

An alternative to pre-built binaries - instructions describe how to build the token-metadata-creator tool but the offchain-metadata-tools repository contains other tools as well. Build the ones needed for your installation.

Clone the repository⚓︎

Execute the below to clone the offchain-metadata-tools repository to $HOME/git folder on your system:

cd ~/git
git clone
cd offchain-metadata-tools/token-metadata-creator

Build token-metadata-creator⚓︎

You can use the instructions below to build token-metadata-creator, same steps can be executed in future to update the binaries (replacing appropriate tag) as well.

git fetch --tags --all
git pull
# Replace master with appropriate tag if you'd like to avoid compiling against master
git checkout master
The above would copy the binaries into ~/.local/bin folder.


Verify that the tool is executable from anywhere by running:

token-metadata-creator -h